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Real Living Greater Montana Real Estate Premier Service®

How would your real estate experience improve if you had a skilled professional guiding and advising you every step of the way?

All too often, customer service programs are created in cushy conference rooms, far removed from the people for whom the programs are designed. Those efforts often miss the mark because they aren't drawn from the group that matters most: the customers.

But with Premier Service, Real Living Greater Montana Real Estate’s comprehensive business philosophy, we've gone right to the source. You've told us that buying and selling a home can be stressful, time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. We want to change that. The Premier Service pledge of service excellence means that Real Living Greater Montana Real Estate's professional team of Sales Associates assume three important roles:

Trusted Advisor: With specialized knowledge and extensive training, Real Living Greater Montana Real Estate Sales Associates will help you navigate your home buying and selling process. We will listen to your goals, and recommend ways to help you achieve them.

Skilled Negotiator: The real estate process requires negotiation of complex issues; we are committed to working in your best interests. We will help you secure the best possible price, with the most favorable terms, in the shortest period of time.

Expert FacilitatorWe will work to ensure your purchase or sale stays on track and on time.  You will receive outstanding customer service, our professional expertise, and be offered other services that can help enhance your result - far beyond the transaction itself.

As trusted advisors, skilled negotiators and expert facilitators, our Sales Associates will commit to quality service - in writing. Since we know that a smooth process is based on trust, the Premier Service pledge assures delivery on our promise to provide extraordinary customer care. Both the Sales Associate and you, the client, sign an agreement to make this unique relationship official.

We want you to understand the process in full, from beginning to end, and stay in regular contact so you are informed at every step. Our sales team can also recommend ancillary home services that will offer clear, added value.

And then, we want to know how we measure up. The Premier Service program was created with your input. Our customer satisfaction surveys, provided to you upon transaction close, help us continually refine our customer focus and maintain high standards. Over time, all our customers will be given the chance to give input to help make us the best that we can be.

You deserve a knowledgeable advocate in the real estate process, and Premier Service is designed to do just that. Because it's about commitment: By partnering with you, listening to your needs and communicating clearly, your home sale or purchase will become exactly what it should be.

Relax With Real Living.




Getting to Know Real Living Greater Montana Real Estate

Our Story

At Real Living, we know that the real estate industry is changing. And we’re excited to be leading the change!

If you ask us our mission, we’ll tell you, it’s clear: To change the face of residential real estate. We know that the Internet has forever changed the way consumers buy and sell homes, and how they work with real estate agents. In the ever-evolving world of real estate, we know that real estate agents need their brokers to provide more marketing, technology and training support than ever before. Why? To help them work smarter, not harder; to help them meet the ever-changing needs of homebuyers and sellers; and, to help save them time and increase their productivity—so they can focus on the things they love doing most.

That’s why, as a full-service real estate company, Real Living is pioneering new business solutions to provide quick, convenient access to everything our franchisees (Network Partners) and real estate agents need to successfully run their businesses. And because of our reputation as a forward-thinking company, our national footprint continues to grow. With 2,200 sales associates and employees and more than 100 offices nationwide, we’ve only just begun.

Check out the information below to learn a little more about Real Living. Or, if you’ve got a question you’d like to ask, just let us know!

  • Are you a homebuyer or home seller with a question? Contact me, Carrie A. Greer. or 406-880-6592.

When was Real Living founded?

Real Living was born in 2002, via merger among several successful, long-established real estate companies. That’s right. Even though Real Living was officially founded in 2002, we trace our real estate roots all the way back to 1953. Our founding companies joined forces because they wanted to keep on growing. They were committed to the real estate agents they served, and they knew that, like all thriving families, the best businesses must grow and evolve. These founding companies were brought together because of their shared values of Family, Innovation and Results. And it’s those core values that continue to fuel the company’s success.

What Makes Real Living Different?

Lots of things! But it in a nutshell, our core values really do a great job of summing it up.


                      Our Core Values Defined:  Family, Innovation and Results



We believe that real estate is a family business. It’s about serving families of all shapes and sizes. It’s about having respect for customers, agents, employees—all those with whom we come in contact. It’s about creating high-trust relationships. It’s about teamwork and integrity. It’s doing what you say you’re going to do and being honest and real all the time. It’s about believing in, and being thankful for, your roots, even as you grow personally and professionally. It’s about empowering each agent, employee and customer. And, it’s about having fun and creating relationships—the kind that last a lifetime, in a functional, supportive environment.

Our commitment to family is why our leadership team is composed of lifelong real estate professionals—former presidents of the National Association of REALTORS®, statewide association directors, board presidents and successful agents. It’s also why we’re creating a new type of partnership for those who value their freedom and independence. And ultimately, our commitment to family is why we do what we do, every day—to help clients realize the American dream of home ownership.


We believe that innovation—the successful implementation of new ideas that drive results—is one of the proudest hallmarks of our heritage. Equally as important, innovation is what fuels our entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation is what brings our vision to life. It ensures we remain aggressive, and that we’re a step ahead of the competition—best in every way and always ready to grow. It feeds our hunger for lifelong learning, and helps us embrace change. Innovation keeps us sharp, adaptable—and progressive. It’s the secret to personal, professional and business growth. It’s the lifeblood that keeps us strong.

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our industry-leading public Web site,, and all the tools we offer our clients. It’s also evident in the technology, training and marketing support we deliver to our agents to make sure they’re always a step ahead of the competition.


When it comes down to it, results are the essence of our culture. Family and Innovation work together to fuel our success—and that success comes in the form of results. The results our agents win for their clients, day in and day out, by delivering comprehensive, quality service in every transaction; the financial rewards our agents reap as a result of that customer focus; the additional productivity our agents experience as a result of our innovation and support; the pride that we feel in being part of a broader family—a network of progressive, creative people and companies; the strong financial performance our company delivers, year after year; the enterprise value that our agents, employees, managers, core service companies and Network Partners work together to create and build every year.

Our commitment to results is just another reason why the services we provide to both consumers and agents are looked to as the true industry best, year after year.

The true story of Real Living is in its people. Harley E. Rouda Sr., founder of HER REALTORS, turned a small business into a real estate icon through hard work, dedication, integrity and a commitment to the values of family, innovation and results. He passed on those values to today’s Real Living leaders. Those values are the reason why CEO Harley E. Rouda Jr. thwarted advancements from Wall Street firms who wanted to buy the company—and evolved it into a brand-centric focus with sincere commitment to empowering real estate agents to grow and succeed.

Thanks to the foresight of our founders, the vision of today’s leaders and the productivity and success of our agents, Real Living remains in an enviable and distinct position in the real estate industry. We’re a new company—a real estate firm of the future—aspiring to change the face of our industry. But we also have five decades of real industry experience under our belt. That’s five decades of empowering real estate agents to succeed. Five decades of helping consumers achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Five decades of experience in running, building and growing a successful real estate company.

Five decades, combined with the energetic, visionary and progressive leadership of a new generation.

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